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What a Checklist Can’t Do

As technology in health care gets better and better, will nurses become irrelevant?  Can lower-level workers -- less skilled, less trained, less experienced -- eventually replace them, given high-powered tools that technology can deliver?

Having built and promoted NurseMind -- a complex, dynamic checklist tool for nurses -- we have learned both the strengths and weaknesses of checklists.  Here is a discussion of where checklists fall short in nursing work.

Lighten that load

When the cognitive load of a job is heavy, the frequency of errors and omissions tends to rise. The cognitive load of nursing work is substantial yet, until recently, largely unexamined. We are convinced that research on this topic can drive the development of tools (such as NurseMind) that alleviate the cognitive burden of nursing work.



Patent 9164656 for our Graphical Display for Scheduling and Monitoring Tasks  was awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on October 20, 2015.

It covers: 


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