How-To Videos


  NurseMind: The Three-Minute Overview (2:29 min:sec, 15MB)
  NurseMind's Three Most Valuable Features (10:21 min:sec, 47MB)

The Basics

  Get Started with NurseMind (2:50 min:sec, 11MB)


  Why and How to Join a Hospital (2:28 min:sec, 8MB)
  Start a Shift (1:36 min:sec, 6MB)
   +  Shifts user manual
  Take Report and Add Patients to a Shift (6:13 min:sec, 21MB)
  Track To-Dos with Shift-at-a-Glance (8:37 min:sec, 32MB)
  Using NurseMind in the Emergency Dep't (2:29 min:sec, 10MB)
  Using To-Do Lists (2:40 min:sec, 16MB)
  Remind Me (alarm clock feature)
   + Screenshots
         + Remind Me user manual



  Tune My Shift Definition for My Hospital



  Build a Protocol from Scratch (6:10 min:sec, 21MB) -- start by listing the tasks (steps) in the protocol, with the duration and deadline of each -- Protocols user manual
  Build a Protocol by Copying and Editing
  Build a Protocol that has a Deadline



  Why and How to Use Generic Patients
  How to Create Generic Patients


Quick Refs

  Create Quick Refs -- phone numbers, door codes, passwords, acronyms (3:02 min:sec, 15MB) -- Quick Refs user manual


Work History

   Review My Work History