Nurse Managers

NurseMind makes the jobs of managers of nursing managers easier in a number of ways.  These are:


  • Approve requests to join a hospital --
    • Who makes such a request?  When a nurse adds a hospital (in the My Hospitals section of Profile in the app), a request is created.
    • Where does the request go?  This request is delivered to those users designated as nurse managers at that hospital. 
    • What does it accomplish?  Granting membership enables the nurse to use the shifts, protocols, and tasks that belong to it, and to see the quickrefs (phone numbers and door combos) that belong to it.
    • How do managers grant requests?  In the Advanced section of the app, choose Manage Pending Requests.  A list of requests for the manager's hospital is shown.  Click on each one and Approve or Deny it.


  • Approve QuickRefs for sharing hospital-wide -- anyone can create a quickref for their own use, but in order to share it hospital-wide it must be approved.  These approvals (or denials) are granted the same way as requests to join hospitals.

  • Real-time acuity monitor -- how busy are my nurses? 
    • What is acuity?
    • To see the monitor, go to the Advanced section of the app.  If you are a nurse manager, one of your menu choices will be Acuity Monitor.  Click it.  If you are a manager at more than one hospital, a menu of your hospitals will be offered.  Choose a hospital and the real-time acuity monitor for that hospital will be displayed.
    • What does it tell me?  It lists the nurses running shifts in NurseMind at that hospital.  For each nurse, the number of minutes of nursing tasks yet to be done by that nurse for each of her patients on that shift is displayed.  If the total of those numbers is low, the background is green.  If medium, yellow.  If high, red.  You probably want to check in with those red nurses and see whether they need help.