I am a student. Should I use NurseMind on my clinical rotations?

Yes! It will help you be certain you get everything done, on time, every time. And it will make your instructor confident in your performance. Here's how:

  • With your instructor, decide what tasks you must accomplish on each shift.
  • Capture this list in a NurseMind shift definition. Several templates are available that you can adapt for your own rotations.
  • Use NurseMind on each shift, from start to finish.
  • Start it running and set up your patients as you take report.
  • From the list, select the next task -- your highest priority at the moment -- and do it.
  • Check off each task once you've done it.
  • Look at the list to make sure nothing is late and nothing is forgotten.
  • Task icons turn yellow when they're due, red when they're late, and green when they're done.
  • Use the Remind Me feature to add new tasks and protocols as they come up.
  • Review the list to see what you accomplished on your shift.
  • In the Advanced menu, you can choose Work Diary and email the list of what you did to yourself or to your instructor.

Your school, too, will love NurseMind.

a snapshot of the River of Time display

The NurseMind Solution -- Technology Can Help

Help for the student -- reduced stress, help remembering everything, confidence that expectations are being met

Help for the instructor -- clear communication to students of performance criteria, objective measurement metrics

Help for the hospital -- fewer incidences of missed nursing care, higher quality patient care by students, fewer demands on staff for student support

Help for the nursing school -- increased appeal of its students to prospective hospitals, integration of technology into teaching, increased student and faculty satisfaction

In the screenshot: The "River of Time" display, showing four rows (three patients and, in the fourth row, tasks not associated with any single patient) with numerous tasks, some done (green), some due now (yellow), and some late (red). Click on any of them to see its details.