Why a Subscription Not a Purchase?

Though NurseMind appears to be just an app -- as with any of them, you download it and run it on your iPhone -- it is much more than that. When you use NurseMind, the main thing you get is a service. The service is delivered by the app, but behind the scenes is substantial infrastructure and data. Here are the details.

When you use NurseMind, the app connects over the Internet to a database on the www.nursemind.com server and a set of support programs. These enable the app to do its job. The app itself is just the visible part of a larger system.

There is also a support team. Unlike most free or cheap apps in Apple's App Store, NurseMind has people who answer questions, coach in its usage, and help resolve problems. We respond quickly and thoroughly. Your success is our success.

Most importantly, the data that gives the app its value -- deep knowledge of the content and process of modern nursing -- is maintained and updated frequently. New shifts and protocols are added and perfected every week. The app accesses them in real time. Thus, you can be confident that you are using the newest and most finely-tuned information.

You can also create your own shifts and protocols, fine-tuned for the way your hospital and unit do their work. Connection to the server enables you to save them, adding them to the database. Best of all, you can share them with the other nurses in your hospital and multiply the value of your work. This can add to the quality of the nursing work in your hospital and unit, and can become a best practice, recognized by management and appreciated by your colleagues.

Your subscription to the NurseMind service gets you all this. It is much more than "just an app"!