I think it is excellent... I am going to suggest to my work and school that they somehow adapt this app. A.T., student RN, July 2014
No more errors of omission! My favorite thing is the respiration rate screen -- Makes it faster and more accurate. M. P., student RN, October 2013
It has made it easier for me to keep track of what is going on with my shift. I was carrying around 3-5 pieces of paper, and now I carry one and my iPad. The only reason I have to carry the one piece of paper is for those wonderful contact rooms (don't want to take the iPad in there!) E. R., RN, June 2013
In med-surg and other hospital units, the app helps with time management. In the ED where time management is impossible because the work changes unpredictably, the app helps float and new nurses in knowing -- at their fingertips, without policy/procedure manuals -- the steps in protocols the way we do them in our hospital. Also routines like shift setups. The Quick Ref feature is useful to nurses at every experience level and in every unit. D. F., RN, August 2012
I really like this program because in ED with each patient it's like starting a project. You're often interrupted and it's hard to remember where you left off. The checklist helps pick up the thread. K. R., RN, July 2012
The protocols are helpful. It's not that we don't know them -- we do! -- it's that we do so many at the same time. D. F., RN, July 2012