Remind Me

As your shift proceeds, things change quickly. The need to do additional tasks arises frequently. For example, a patient asks for something, or a new order is received, or you must remember to follow up on something such as a result coming back from the lab, or you need to check the effectiveness of a pain med after a half hour, or you left a phone message and want to remember to call back if your call isn't returned. All these are handled with a few taps in NurseMind by the mechanism called Remind Me. It needs three pieces of information:

  1. Whom the task is for -- which patient? Or it could be for no specific patient, e.g. cleaning or restocking something in the nursing unit.
  2. Which task? Choose it from a menu of tasks, or create a new one on the fly if you can't find it in a menu.
  3. When is it due? That is, what is the new task's deadline?

Once you've made these three selections, the new item is added to your to-do list and its icon is added to your Shift-at-a-Glance.