Quick Refs

Does your badge look like this?

Then you'll appreciate NurseMind's Quick Ref feature.  It's a quick way to look up phone numbers, passwords, door combos, common acronyms, and other tidbits of information too numerous to memorize.

NurseMind keeps them accessible to you yet safe from prying eyes.  Keeping them in NurseMind also enables them to be kept up to date easily.  They can be shared in three ways:

  • With everybody (e.g. acronyms)
  • Only with coworkers in your hospital (phone numbers and door codes)
  • Only with you yourself (e.g. your computer passwords)

Here's how it works.

You create a Quick Ref and it is private to you. If you wish, you can share it with any hospital you are a member of. When you choose Share With My Hospital, you are offered a list of the hospitals to which you belong and you can choose one or more.

If you request that a Quick Ref be shared with a hospital, that sharing goes into effect immediately, and everyone in that hospital can see it.  The nursing manager is notified. They can rescind the visibility if they deem it inappropriate.  However, the default is to trust you.  So please be careful about what you share!