A task is a unit of work. 480 nursing tasks are listed in the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP). 542 are listed in the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC). In addition to these are the tasks defined by our users to describe the things they do in real life that may not be considered by these formal systems.

Most tasks have deadlines. Every task has a status -- whether it has been done, is late, etc. The concept of a deadline is surprisingly complex so it is discussed on a separate page later in this document.

Some tasks (e.g. vital signs) have data fields associated with them. You fill them in specially-designed data entry fields (pulse, respiration rate, etc.) in the vital signs task area -- a big improvement over the way it has been traditionally done, on a scrap of paper in your pocket.

You can create new tasks and make modified versions of the tasks already in the app. These then belong to you and you can choose whether to share them with other NurseMind users.