Like it or not, BYOD is here

Nurse doing BYODBring Your Own Device (BYOD) is here, whether our hospitals (especially their IT departments) like it or not. MDs insist on choosing their professional tools; we nurses aren't far behind.

And it's not just in hospitals, it's in workplaces of all kinds. See for yourself -- Google "BYOD". Or read Thanks to BYOD, Apple Invades the Enterprise.

And your device may well have NurseMind running on it... The trend is unstoppable.


Want proof?  Here are some some eye-opening clinical use mobile statistics from Ken Congdon of Healthcare Technology Online’s HIMSS13 session, “A Health IT Executive’s Guide to BYOD Management”:

  • 85% of hospital IT departments allow doctors and staff to use personal mobile devices at work;
  • 70% of hospitals use mobile devices to access EHR data; while
  • 37% of employees use noncompliant devices on corporate networks before formal permissions or policies are instituted; and
  • Only 31% of hospitals have full BYOD policies.