User Roles

From the point of view of NurseMind, a user has one of the following roles.  The role determines what is visible to that user, and to whom that user's data is visible.

  1. Student (no privacy:  charges/managers/supervisors/instructors can see any aspect of Students' data)
  2. Nurse (some privacy:  individual tasks and lateness of tasks are hidden from charges/etc. but total of remaining task times (a form of acuity) and patient data are revealed)
  3. Charge (can see limited Nurse data for nurses in Charge's unit)
  4. Manager (can see limited Nurse data for all units in Manager's hospital)
  5. House Supervisor (same as Manager)
  6. Clinical Instructor (can see any aspects of Students' data within Instructor's hospital)

By default, a user has the role of Nurse.  To have a different role, the user must be promoted by another user who possesses the capability to make such promotions.  Within the context of a given hospital, a Manager could, for example, promote a Nurse to Charge (but only within that hospital).

A central priniciple is that a Nurse's data is his or hers alone and is visible to no one else except to those to whom has been granted that power explicitly by having been promoted.