Why am I doing this?

Why am I doing this?  Why start a company, take responsibility for other people's jobs and pay and investors' money, design a product that has no guarantee of success, risk failure?

Why not go back to bedside nursing, collect a steady paycheck, and be done with my work when I go home?

For one thing, I'm a "serial entrepreneur"  -- I love starting things, making things happen, things that make a difference in the world.  For another, designing software is fun -- I enjoy the challenges of dreaming up user interfaces, data structures, and algorithms that work.  But those are secondary.

The real reason I'm building NurseMind?  Because when I work as a nurse, I don't want ever again to experience the sensation I had when I was working my clinical rotations:  Help, I'm forgetting something important!  Help, I'm busy but what I'm working on may not be my top priority!  Help, I know I could be more efficient but I'm too busy to think ahead!  Etc... 

NurseMind is the tool that will give me the confidence that I am on top of my work.  That out-of-control feeling is intolerable and unnecessary.  I am building NurseMind for myself.  And I hope it benefits other nurses, too!

-- Dan Keller,  Founder